Yes, sounds like good news for the food addicts people. You can even get thinner by consuming food. Sadly this type of food is limited to fruits and vegetables only. These fruits are Apricot, Mandarin orange, Blackberry, Melon Cantaloupe, Blackcurrant, Peaches, Guava, Honeydew melon and Lemon.
For this upcoming summer I recommend using melon as base ingredient.

Melons is a famous fruit famed for its fresh colour. Especially during a hot summer, a fresh chilled green melon can indeed look very appealing to taste. Melon is also famed for its juicy texture that spill out juice when bitten. Beside of its colour, taste and soft texture, Melon also has several good effects toward your body.

There two type of wide known melons, the muskmelon and the watermelon. However in this recipe I will use the muskmelon. The muskmelon that you will find frequently in the store are the Cantaloupe and the honeydew. Let's use the honeydew for the juice because honeydew contains so few calories. Your body will need more calories just to DIGEST the honeydew, much more calories than the fruit provide.

Melon contains Vitamin C and high potassium content, with traces of Vitamin B complex.
Melon also have the diuretic function. The diuretic function of Melon will help body to release fluid. Including melon in your diet can aid in reducing fluid retention. However since the melon interferes with your digestion, I suggest to consume it when your stomach is empty to get the negative calories effect. A melon juice can indeed be a refreshing beverage in the summer season.

Hop on and grab some melons, chill it in refrigerator, PEEL the skin (yes, some people forget to do this when they make a melon juice, chop it and put it in your blender.

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