I am sure that I am not the only one who feel like eating those sweet stuff when I am stressed.
When life gets tough or when I am being pressured I can't help myself but to grab those high carbohydrates food and put it in my mouth.

And it's like that I am transfering my stress to my waist !

Worse of all, it get worse at night before I go to bed. Studies showed that when we are stressed we tend to reach into something that feels comforting. Sad to say, but chocolate and ice cream are what we considered comforting.

Carbohydrates can stimulate powerful release of pleasure-producing hormones in your body.
To avoid taking those chocolates and cakes, I prefer we make a substitute for them.

Tomato soup
Tomato soup is believed to have calming effects, especially if consumed at night.

Prepare sandwich with a little ham and cheese
Instead of taking cookies, bring sandwiches in your bag so that you can always have a choice not to take the cookies but take the sandwiches instead.

Sweet fruit
Strawberry, peach and banana are better than chocolate

Sweet grain cereals
Those cereals can be addictive too. Pick the one with a hint of honey. Don't overdo it though.

These choices may not be completely calories free but at least they are less harmful for your waistline, "because they have fewer calories than candy bars or other calorie-rich foods you might normally seek" says Leigh Gibson, PhD, a senior research fellow at University College London who has studied this phenomenon.

Some diet pills can be life saver, some can threaten your health. Read the researches and reviews for different brands of diet pills.

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