About Me

About Me

My name is Linda and Cherry is my pen name. I am an avid diet followers who has experienced the hard struggle to lose weight. It was tough when I tried to go to 100 pounds from 130 pounds. However finally

I managed to find out my problems, which was the unhealthy lifestyle. Double cheese burger, fries and pizza were used to be my weekly favorite foods!

And I also tend to skip exercises when I was occupied. After I developed a healthier habit, everything seems to be smooth. And to cut a long story short, it all comes down to your lifestyle in order for you to achieve and maintain a long term weight loss.

Here are some random facts about me:

Music: BeeGees
Food: Any salad that uses apple, sushi and kimchi.
Hobbies: Sleeping, blogging and reading
Education: Undergraduate majoring in design
Age: Guess
Color: Pink and pastel yellow
Contact: cherry@diet-meals-recipes.com

About Diet-Meals-Recipes

This blog was started at 26 April 2007 as my recipes blog solely. However I began writing and sharing about my diet experiences. This blog, as per 15 June 2007 is visited by around 400 - 600 people everyday. Around 88% are unique visitors who are mainly from US. Diet-Meals-Recipes.com is a perfect place for you to advertise your site or product since my visitors numbers are growing in a fast pace. Click here to see Diet-Meals-Recipes.com affordable advertising package.

Q and A

Q: What do you do to promote your blog?
A: Initially I used mybloglog and Yahoo! Answer. However I also rank quite well on few search terms and started to get traffic from Google. I also used social bookmarks sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon. After 28 May 2007 I did not do any promotion at all except stumbling my own site.

Q: Do you recommend fad diet?
A: I do recommend fad diet if you are looking for short term weight loss. We know that sometimes we have pressing situation which requires us to lose weight quickly, and that's where fad diet is useful. However I don't depend on fad diet to maintain my weight.

Q: What exercises that you do?
A: I do aerobic classes several times in a week, coupled with light abs exercises and cardio.

Q: What do you do online beside blogging?
A: Friendster, Digital Point and playing games

Q: Link exchange?
A: Sure let me take a look at your site, send me an email about link exchange at cherry@diet-meals-recipes.com

Q: Can you review my blog?
A: I would love to if I can find something interesting there for my readers. Click here to ask for review.

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