About Us

About Us

"Diet with a touch of rationality."The world we lived today is littered with tons of diet products advertisements and offers, most of them are restrictive, some of them are good, most of them are just made to slim down your pocket.

Diet-Meals-Recipes.com DMR) is a place where I share my thoughts and opinion on various diet aspects ranging from fad diet to weird diet products, from a new weight loss research to simple healthy recipe.

Behind this blog:

1. Cherry
"Diet is a long journey, so it's better be fun". She believes that with a good diet, good health, good figure and eventually good life can be achieved. She has stopped believing in a 'get slim quick' solution, thus making her body healthier and her life happier. During her spare time, Cherry contributes her thoughts and writing to DMR.

This blog is intended to be and will remain to be personalized rants and thoughts based on my experiences. I am not a qualified doctor or nutritionist, thus anything that I write in here may not or may be suitable for you. I am not qualified to give you a sound medical or nutrition advice. Due your own due diligence and seek advice from your doctors, nurses, cats or other qualified people before you take decision regarding your diet or habit.


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